About the Author

Yours truly, posing in front of her favorite Mesozoic-aged Giant Ground Sloth.

My name is Rachel Ibers.  I’m 22 years old, I have a geology degree from the University of Delaware, and I currently work in environmental outreach for the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.

I get passionate about things.  This is one of them.  Others (past and present) include horseback riding, dog agility, photography, web design, interior decorating, nail art, chemistry, wildlife conservation, paleontology, baking, biking, violin, graphic design, drawing, piano, film making, digital art, ebay, blogging, rats, snakes, museums, business, poetry, writing, omelets, advertising, party planning, dog washing, pet sitting, education, zoos, and vegetarianism.

I’ve wanted to be a lot of things.  I’ve started a lot of projects.  But life is all about trying lots of stuff, figuring out what you don’t want out of life, and eventually accidentally stumbling upon what you need.  Currently [when I started this website, anyways] I’m studying geology with plans to go to grad school in paleontology, I love my bike, I just dyed my hair orange, and I got fired up enough about this website to both impulsively buy a domain name and rant long enough at my mom to make her say ‘well this sounds like a thesis to me.’

A lot of the site is still up in the air.  But please, if you want to help, just let me know.  I’m planning on setting up pages for blogs about people in science, and places of science, and if you’re one of those, I’d love to help you share your story and your work.  I’d love to research and blog about anything you’re interested in, or you want to see on this page.  I’d love to hear what you think about how I’m doing so far.  So please, always feel free to contact me, and hopefully we can help each other out somehow.

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